Who is a Candidate for Braces?

Who is a Candidate for Braces?

Anyone with misaligned teeth or a “bad bite” should seek orthodontics as the ideal solution. Of course, that then leads to the question of which sort of orthodontic appliances and techniques to use. At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Dayton, OH we offer a range of solutions, including braces. Many people wonder just who is a good candidate for braces, and in this article, we will seek to provide some clear answers.

As your chosen orthodontist in Dayton, OH, we would begin to determine if you or your child is a candidate for braces by factoring in several important issues:

  • Children must be over the age of seven, as this is the point at which their teeth have fully emerged and developed enough to determine if there will be a need for corrective treatments. Ideally, a good candidate for braces is the youngster who has only recently completed losing their “baby teeth”. At such a point, their jaw and face will still be developing, and will be more pliable. Using braces can make a huge difference in their bite as well as their overall oral health – keeping teeth from turning or overcrowding means the child can easily clean all of the teeth, eliminating decay, cavities and gum disease easily.
  • Teens are always a good candidate for braces, but some teens may appreciate systems like Invisalign instead. If they have only mild to moderate needs, we as your orthodontist, may recommend the more discreet solution. However, if the issues are more severe, braces are an ideal answer.
  • Adults can use metal braces and get the same outcomes, though it can take longer due to the rigidity of adult ligaments in the mouth. Again, an adult who is a good candidate for braces may also be an equally good candidate for Invisalign if their needs are mild to moderate.
  • Cost is always a consideration, and if the most affordable solution is a huge factor, then it would make the patient a candidate for braces over any other corrective treatments.
  • Professional issues can also make someone less of a candidate for braces. You may need to speak very clearly and precisely, you may worry about the image that traditional braces present, or they may be too high-maintenance for you during the weekday (with brushing needed after meals and drinks).

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