What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

What is an Orthodontic Emergency?

A dental emergency is always something prone to induce a bit of panic. This is because few of us know just what to do where our teeth and gums are concerned. When it is an orthodontic emergency, it may seem even worse because it often strikes someone who may be in the midst of getting treatment and there are usually wires and brackets to contend with. At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Wilmington, OH we offer these emergency orthodontics tips for our patients, and suggest they get in touch immediately to book a visit that ensures their orthodontics are alright.

As your orthodontist in Wilmington, OH, we suggest the following:

  • For a major orthodontic emergency – This usually involves harm to the soft tissue of the mouth, the teeth and gums, or the lips. The first thing to do is to address any bleeding. Most oral bleeding is going to stop if the injury is relatively minor (i.e. a slight scratch or abrasion inside of the mouth). If a tooth has been broken, however, or serious damage has been done to the mouth, it is imperative to seek care immediately. Rinsing with cold water to stop the bleeding is a good first step, and then you must gently examine the orthodontic appliances. If any part of the appliance has been knocked off, you will need to get it replaced as soon as possible. If a wire is protruding, you will have to move it into a comfortable place in the mouth, and using a cotton swab for this procedure is best. Cover the end with wax to prevent it from jabbing the cheek or gum, and head to our office.
  • For a minor orthodontic emergency – Quite often a problem with your orthodontic appliance feels like an emergency, but is something that will be fine for a day or two. As a preferred orthodontist, we see patients for emergencies such as ligatures popping off, irritation to the interior of the mouth or the lips, and wires or brackets that have come loose. Any of these issues qualify as an orthodontic emergency, but not something that should cause you to panic or become overwrought.

It can be upsetting and even uncomfortable to injure your orthodontic appliances, but most dilemmas are easily remedied and your treatment can be put back on track right away. If there is actual damage to the teeth, gums, or soft tissue of the mouth, give us a call, but also head to a medical care provider to do a thorough exam of the area.

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