Why Your Teeth Move After Braces

teeth move after bracesRemember how great your teeth looked after you got your braces taken off? They were wonderfully straight and beautiful. Over time, though, you may have noticed you’re your teeth no longer look quite as straight as they once did, and you may be feeling dissatisfied with your smile. So, what happened? Why did your teeth move after your braces were taken off?

There are a number of reasons why this can happen. The most common reason why teeth move after braces is that patients are not vigilant about using the retainer as directed. Your orthodontist in Wilmington is not asking you to wear the retainer out of perversity – you need the retainer as the final step in your treatment, and if you do not wear it for the agreed-upon amount of time, every day, then your teeth will almost certainly move after the braces come off.

Other Reasons Why Teeth Move After Braces

There can be other reasons, too, why your teeth would move after braces. If you grind your teeth, for instance, this puts stress on your teeth and can cause shifting. If you have become less vigilant about your oral hygiene, and have developed decay or gum disease, this can cause your teeth to become loose, and move after the braces are taken off. If you tend to thrust your tongue against your teeth, this can also cause them to move.

Finally, sometimes age is the culprit. As we grow older, the structure of our face and jaw can change. This can begin as early as your late 20s.

How to Make Sure Your Teeth Do Not Move After Braces

All of this brings us full circle back to the retainer. If you do not want your teeth to move after the braces are taken off, wear your retainer. It is the only way to prevent your teeth from shifting.

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