In our modern world of cosmetic treatments of all kinds, it can become far too easy to assume that all cosmetic issues are just purely aesthetic. For instance, we might ignore crooked teeth thinking that it is a cosmetic issue, but it isn’t. At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics we encourage all our patients to understand that, although braces and other similar treatments can fall under the cosmetic dentistry category, crooked teeth must not be left untreated.

As your preferred orthodontist in Mason, OH, we are all about patient education. We want you to understand why an orthodontist is an asset to your oral health, and why the treatments we provide are so important to your overall health. We know that crooked teeth can seem like a mild issue, but they are in fact quite severe. Why? Let’s look at the ways they can cause some unexpected problems:

They make it tough to properly clean the teeth and gums

When teeth are crooked, overlap and out of alignment, it can be very hard to floss and clean them. This means that even preventative dentistry may not be able to prevent issues that can arise due to trapped bacteria and particles.

They can lead to greater oral health issues

Our bite changes throughout life and crooked teeth can exacerbate the level of change. This can cause us to suffer from bruxism, jaw pain, a decline in oral health, and even broken or damaged teeth.

They make us less confident

A set of crooked teeth can feel like a social barrier. We know that people judge us on our appearances, and if we have misaligned teeth, it can make us less likely to speak, engage, laugh or just socialize.

These are just three ways that misaligned teeth can be a problem. It makes it easier to see just why orthodontics are an ideal solution. There are many ways to fix a crooked smile, including metal braces, Invisalign, and even some cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Fix Your Smile with Orthodontics in Mason

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