Safe Foods to Eat with Braceseat with braces

Eating with braces can feel like a bit of an adventure, and at Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Springboro, OH, we have seen many patients struggle with the question of what to eat during the months or years of wearing braces. To help with this issue, keep your braces in place, and allow you to enjoy the best diet possible, we provide these tips for how to eat with braces safely.

As your orthodontist in Springboro, OH, we know you need to consider a few things when making dietary choices as you wear braces. While there are the obvious issues of hard and sticky foods that can actually pull the brackets from the teeth, consider foods that might coat the teeth with sugar or materials that can lead to decay, foods that can get stuck between wires and be difficult to remove, and foods that may increase discomfort when the braces are adjusted. Let’s consider these issues one-by-one.

Foods You Shouldn’t Eat With Braces

Hard and chewy foods

As your orthodontist, we are going to advise you to skip the hard candies, the nuts, and the chewing gum because they put the braces at risk. We also advise that you reconsider healthy choices too. After all, a hard carrot can pull off a bracket as easy as a candied apple.

Sugary foods

In addition to the hard and chewy, remember that some foods can coat the teeth with sugar, including things like soda and juice. Because it can be a challenge to clean the teeth as fully as you can without braces, we recommend that you avoid anything that is high in sugar and that you make a habit of brushing the teeth after each snack or meal.

Foods that can get stuck between teeth or in the braces

Flossing is difficult with braces too, and the wires can often be hard to free of debris. This is why we suggest you avoid foods that demand a lot of chewing and/or that can deposit bits and pieces in the teeth and braces. Popcorn is a big “no no”, but also consider things like tortilla chips, apples, and leafy greens.

Adjustment foods

Each time your braces are adjusted or tightened, you may feel a bit of tenderness. To alleviate the possible pain when you eat with braces after adjustment, find a regimen of foods that you hardly need to chew at all, and rely on those in the days afterward. We recommend pudding and yogurt, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, pancakes, pureed soups, and pasta.

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You made a wise choice to use orthodontics to straighten the teeth, however, when you eat with braces it can be a real challenge. We hope these tips helped. If you have additional questions about how eat with braces, or about any of the other issues mentioned here, give us a call at our Springboro, OH office at 937-748-0505. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly. To learn more about braces, read our other pages: Are You a Candidate for Braces?, Do Braces Hurt?, How Long Do Braces Take?