Did you ever think about orthodontics as a partner to preventative dentistry? At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics, we encourage all our patients to look past the cosmetic dentistry side of orthodontics and recognized that tools like metal braces are good for much more than improving your appearance.

As your orthodontist in Centerville, OH, we will have suggested orthodontics for specific reasons. It could be due to the fact that you have an overbite or that your teeth are very crooked. While you might understand that an orthodontist is always going to strive to give you the best-looking smile possible, there are benefits of braces and orthodontics that extend well beyond the esthetics.

As we mentioned, orthodontics is a good partner to preventative dentistry. This is because, in aligning the smile, it makes it much easier to properly brush and floss the teeth, and keep the gums in the best condition. After all, when teeth overlap or are too crowded, it can be nearly impossible to remove debris and bacteria from between them.

Consider too that orthodontics will properly align the bite. A misaligned bite is guilty of causing issues like bruxism, broken teeth, jaw pain, difficulty eating and talking, and headache. That means that one of the immediate benefits of metal braces or Invisalign treatment could be an improvement to overall oral health.

This leads to the idea of an improved quality of life thanks to orthodontics, and there is a lot of truth to be seen here, too. After all, you might find that your crooked teeth make it tough to eat certain foods, to speak comfortably or to feel confident in social settings. These can all harm your quality of life, making you moody, withdrawn and unhappy.

Finally, it is very important to consider the value of self-confidence. If your smile has left you feeling like you have something to hide, it has a wide array of harmful effects on your life. While we just mentioned that you might be socially withdrawn, consider what being self-conscious does. You might hide your smile behind your hand, but soon this can lead to avoiding smiling altogether. It could impair your ability to work as well as socially, and this can be avoided with orthodontics.

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