We all appreciate the idea that it is “never too late” to go after our goals. But, what if our goals include a straighter smile? Can we get orthodontics, braces and other treatments at any age? At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics, we think that the answer is a resounding yes. In fact, we think orthodontics are good for any age, and it is not just about cosmetic issues.

The Value of Orthodontics

As your preferred orthodontist in Powell, OH, we understand that life does not always allow us to do the things we’d like. For example, many grow up in households in which there was not enough money for an orthodontist. This can leave us as adults, or even older adults with crooked teeth or a smile we are ashamed to show off.

Of course, that crooked smile is not just a cosmetic issue, either. Orthodontics are good for any age because they can be used to begin addressing issues caused directly by misalignment, overcrowding or crooked teeth. As a simple illustration, you might find that you require a lot of preventative dentistry visits to keep on top of issues like tooth decay. It could be due to the simple fact that your teeth overlap and make it difficult to floss and clean them properly. Because of that, you end up with problems that need to be addressed, even though you have good oral hygiene habits.

Naturally, you might disagree with the idea that orthodontics is good for any age because you feel it looks silly for adults to wear braces. This is precisely why innovative treatments like Invisalign have appeared. Touted as adult braces, they are not actually braces at all but are instead clear aligners that slide smoothly and snugly over the teeth. They are almost invisible to the eye and allow you to discreetly enjoy orthodontics at any age.

Finally, we thoroughly believe that orthodontics is good for any age for the level of confidence and self-esteem they build. If you have always yearned for a straighter, whiter and more aesthetically appealing smile, you can have it. Whether you use Invisalign for adults or other orthodontics options, there is no time like the present to get started.

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