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The thing about teens is that they complain. A lot. But when it comes to Invisalign, a teen probably will not find much to complain about. Why is that? It is because teens hate being embarrassed, and with Invisalign clear braces, embarrassment is non-existent.

Invisalign teen clear braces straighten teeth without the appearance of a ton of metal. In fact, unless your teen wants to tell people that they are wearing braces, chances are that no one will even notice. With Invisalign, a teen can have his or her teeth straightened using clear aligner that are practically invisible.


In addition to being nearly invisible, Invisalign gives your teen other benefits – for example, the ability to take out the aligners to eat or clean their teeth. This is something that is impossible with traditional metal braces.

School photos? No problem. Your teen can just take out the aligners while the photos are taken, and then pop them back in afterward.


Well, okay, we are not exactly going to recommend candy for good dental health, but the fact is kids love their candy, and with Invisalign, teens can take out the aligners, enjoy a sweet treat, brush their teeth and then put the aligners back in.

No Discomfort

Metal braces can often be uncomfortable – if a wire comes loose, it can end up sticking in the gum. With Invisalign, a teen never has to worry about stray wires.

Teens also never have to worry about an uncomfortable tightening, because with Invisalign, they simply switch the aligners on a regular basis – no tightening, no wires, and no discomfort.

No Time-Consuming Appointments

With Invisalign for your teen, you also do not have to worry about time spent in the dentist office. Your teen will just have to drop in from time to time to make sure the treatment is progressing as it should.

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