Do you have a gapped smile? Are you worried that your gaps are not closing, even with braces? Our orthodontist in Springboro, OH is here to offer a few bits of advice and help you achieve the smile you want. Remember that there are many reasons why braces may not be closing the gaps in your teeth. Our job at Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics is to reassure you that there is still hope for your stunning smile.

Consider Your Tooth’s Position

While there are many reasons why your gaps may not be closing with your metal braces, or even with Invisalign, some of the more common reasons are highlighted below. The field of orthodontics has studied the many different types of gaps that can occur between teeth, and our orthodontist has narrowed down some of the findings to show you what needs to be considered:

  • The tooth may be too small to fill up an entire tooth’s worth of space.
  • The positioning of the tooth may be preventing its growth or stunting its movement.
  • An angled tooth may entangle its roots with another tooth.
  • A tooth may be misshapen.

Other Factors to Consider

There are several other reasons why your gaps may not be closing with braces as well. If you have any other structures in your mouth, they could be interfering with the natural progression of your tooth’s movement during your braces treatment. Crowns, fake teeth, or even veneers can get in the way. But consider natural structures as well. Do you have trouble with tongue positioning? Does your tooth root suffer from thick ligaments? Do you have any cysts? Our Springboro dentist can assess the specific needs of your mouth to determine what exactly is the cause of your gapped smile.

Biting Is an Issue

Do you suffer from an overbite or underbite? If one set of teeth is pushing against another, it may create a lot of spaces over time. Consider the way you bite and how much pressure your teeth are trying to absorb when you bite. It could be the culprit of your gaps.

Fix Your Gaps with Us Today

We know that having a gapped smile can be no fun. We at Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics want to help you achieve the most beautiful smile possible. Visit our orthodontist in Springboro, OH and schedule a consultation in person, Or, give us a call at (937) 748-0505 to speak with a representative on the phone. You can also contact us online. Make sure to look at our website to see a full range of our services!