Do Braces Hurt?

Do Braces Hurt?

At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Springboro, OH we offer an array of treatments, including braces. Interestingly enough, one of the most common questions we are asked about this treatment is: “Will braces hurt?” While you might think that people wonder if braces work better than something else or if braces are hard to keep clean, it is usually the issue of whether they are painful that comes up the most.

As your preferred orthodontist in Springboro, OH, we will offer simple and honest answers to the issue of painful braces. If we are to be 100% accurate, we would say that the answer is both yes and no. Let us explain…

As your orthodontist, we would review your condition and consider factors like the severity of your dental needs, the budget you have available, your personal preferences, and even your lifestyle. All of these things matter, and we also want to hear if you are worried whether braces hurt.

If pain and discomfort are very worrisome to a patient, we can sometimes provide them with pain free braces (Invisalign), which uses an entirely different approach to straightening than braces. Not all patients qualify for this treatment (you must be a teen or adult and have only mild to moderate needs), but it is one option.

If someone is ready to go with braces, and yet wonders if braces hurt, we explain that there are many things about braces that do not hurt in the least, and that there are times when braces hurt due to the pressures they create. We make it very clear that the wires and the actual gear rarely cause pain, and even if they irritate the mouth, there are fast and effective solutions.

So, when will braces hurt? Patients have absolutely no discomfort while the teeth are prepared for brackets and wires. There is no pain during the process of gluing them to the teeth and even inserting the wires and the ligatures. Though this initial step can cause a sense of pressure or tightening, it is not painful.

When braces hurt, it is always due to the pressures they exert on the teeth and the tissue holding them in place. Braces, and all orthodontics appliances, are used to adjust teeth, meaning that they move them around a bit. This is done with force, and whether the force comes from clear aligners or braces, it is going to hurt a bit. How much? Most patients describe it tenderness and soreness. This is good news because it means your body is making the adjustments needed. So, braces do create some discomfort, but it is not so painful that you will feel like skipping meals, activities or speaking.

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