Braces can seem like an extra level of risk when playing sports. After all, whether you are a child playing a team sport or an adult in a league team, you might be wearing traditional braces and at risk for additional harm or injury. At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics we always recommend the use of a classic mouth guard during sports of any kind, but we suggest a more appropriate solution when wearing metal braces. Does this mean you can play sports with braces? Absolutely. Let’s take a few minutes to explore the issue.

As a trusted orthodontist in Wilmington, OH, we always tell parents that their children can continue to play sports with braces, but they need more than the typical mouth guard. While these are great for protecting the teeth and gums from blunt trauma, if the mouth is also fitted with braces, there are additional issues to consider. The soft tissue of the mouth can still suffer injury and the teeth can be harmed by a rigid guard.

The answer is to speak with the orthodontist about an orthodontic mouth guard. Made of a soft and pliable silicone, it allows anyone to play sports with braces and yet not face the risk of harm or injury so commonly a concern. It is important to note that the orthodontic mouth guard is a bit larger than a standard guard. This is to give room to the teeth and brackets and to ensure optimal protection to the gums and even the jaws.

We often hear some athletes advocating the use of store bought guards, but these are not the sort that can allow you to safely play sports with braces. They just are not the same as professionally made designs that are customized to your specific needs. After all, the orthodontic mouth guard that we can provide is formed from molds taken of your teeth – with the braces on them – to ensure optimal fit and comfort.

Protect Your Teeth with a Mouth Guard

Playing sports always presents risks to your mouth and even your body. You can make sure your teeth and braces remain intact by contacting us for a mouth guard. Just give us a call at our Wilmington, OH office at 937-748-0505. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.