Braces FAQs braces FAQs

Patients of Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Powell, OH know that they can turn to us for all of their needs. We offer a full array of orthodontics, including traditional braces and Invisalign too. We put a premium on patient education and want you to be as fully informed as possible before you make your choices about your care. To ensure you understand braces to the greatest extent, we provide these braces FAQs.

Are braces better or worse than Invisalign?

In the current climate, this question is a common one, and we felt it best to begin our braces FAQs with some simple facts. Firstly, braces are only one type of treatment, and they are ideal for certain dental needs. Invisalign are the same – a type of treatment. Neither is the best or the worst, and instead, they should both be seen as an ideal answer for certain issues. Only your orthodontist can point you towards the better answer for you.

Are braces actually necessary?

Again, we hear this often and included it in our braces FAQs because it is such a significant issue. Many people think that braces are for cosmetic reasons, but that is rarely the truth. Instead, braces are meant to promote the healthiest alignment of the upper and lower teeth, to ensure that teeth can be easily cleaned and maintained, and to keep the jaw healthy. Without braces, your teeth may decay easily, your jaw may develop issues like TMJ, and your teeth may wear and be prone to grinding.

Aren’t braces painful?

Any straightening or aligning treatments will cause discomfort, and none will be more or less painful. Braces can irritate the soft tissue of the mouth, but the use of dental wax tends to alleviate this problem.

Are braces the least expensive treatment?

As we said when looking at the whole better or worse issue earlier in the braces FAQs, braces could end up being costlier if you use them to address the wrong issues. As your orthodontist in Powell, OH, we will only steer you towards the ideal solutions.

Can I have braces that are not so noticeable?

Absolutely! Clear braces are an option, and if Invisalign is a better solution for your needs you can wear them instead.

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