What Age Should Children Get Braces?

What Age Should Children Get Braces?

If you are contemplating some orthodontics for a child in your family, it is natural to wonder when it is the ideal time for children to get braces? It is easy enough to make some mistakes in this matter, and this can lead to very extensive treatment periods. At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Powell, OH, we don’t have a fixed age for braces. Instead, we look at braces for children as a very personal matter. As your preferred orthodontist in Powell, OH, we will take the time to consider many issues relating to your child’s oral health and development, and then decide when to take action.

Typically, an orthodontist would say that a child must be over the age of seven to qualify as a candidate for braces. This is often when their adult teeth have emerged; however, the age when children get braces varies based on this factor, and others.

  • Are all of the baby teeth gone and the “12-year” molars erupted? If so, it is a good age for children to get braces. If we were to apply braces while some baby teeth remained, or the molars had not even partially erupted, it could cause us to make adjustments to the treatment plan in the middle of the work, extending the amount of time braces would remain.
  • Will a child need extractions (such as having extra teeth) or other surgical remedies before or during the treatment? Many children may need some sort of additional remedy, and if these issues are not addressed in a timely manner, it will affect the results of using the braces.
  • Is there a severe malocclusion? This is an issue that can take a long time to correct. When children get braces, the issue of a very severe mismatch between the dental arches has to be taken into consideration, as it takes much more time to address with braces.
  • Are there severe issues that could lead to damage? A crossbite can cause teeth to meet unnaturally, with lower teeth protruding, and this can cause trouble with development and even lead to chipping or breaking.

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There are always exceptions to the rules, and each child is different. As indicated, there is no set age for children to get their braces, but there are some basic issues we consider. If you have additional questions about the age children get braces, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Powell, OH office at 937-748-0505. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.