5 Misconceptions About Braces misconceptions about braces

At Kulkarni & Fitz Orthodontics in Mason, OH we provide full orthodontics services, including the use of traditional braces to treat a range of dental issues. It is always surprising for us to hear the different misconceptions about braces, and we would like to take a few moments of time to answer common concerns and overcome some of these misunderstandings about this effective treatment.

Cosmetic dentistry is unneeded and that is all that braces provide

It is true that braces straighten the teeth, but not purely for cosmetic purposes. They are used primarily to correct the bite or alignment of the teeth. They are also used to ensure that teeth are evenly spaced and able to be fully cleaned and flossed. Also braces adjust issues that can lead to jaw problems such as over, under and cross bites.

Braces cannot be used after a certain age

This is one of the most common misconceptions about braces, and there is no ideal age for them. You are certainly never too old to have your bite properly aligned. An orthodontist may find that braces are more or less ideal for someone of a certain age, but there is no cutoff point for braces.

Rubber bands are not needed

This is a key part of alignment, and holds the teeth in their proper positions. When you refuse to wear them as part of treatment, you are missing out on an essential part of the corrective process.

Braces are all you need for full treatment

Again, this is another of the major misconceptions about braces. Most patients begin with retainers, wear the braces until teeth are properly aligned, and then wear the retainers until their teeth have remained solidly in place for a set period of time. Some changes can also occur with time, and you may need retainers for longer periods.

Brace are cheaper

It is impossible to know what the final costs are without assessing your dental needs. Braces may be more affordable for some, but much costlier for another.

As your orthodontist in Mason, OH, we want you to understand the facts. These misconceptions about braces make it seem as if they are a less favorable solution. Braces are just one approach to aligning or straightening teeth, and if they are the right answer for you, we will recommend them.

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